What happens when you reset your phone?

What happens when you reset your phone?

You need to know what happens when you reset your phone to be safe before you sell your phone to anyone. Every year, top brands in smart phone industry launch new phone iterations with latest technology and innovative features.  For some businesses, upgrading phones becomes a necessity to keep pace with the growing technology.  But, before giving your phone to new owners, you need to make sure there is no sensitive data present on your phone anymore.

What happens when you reset your phone?

There are many reset options in phones which range from partial to full reset.   However before commencing with reset, be sure to save your data somewhere else.  Best way is to sync your data to services like iCloud or Google.  This will save you from frustration of restoring everything in your phone manually.

If you want to completely reset your phone, you need to choose the option of “Erase all content and settings.”  Make sure you’ve charged your phone fully because resetting can take a long time ranging from a few minutes to hours. No matter how much time it takes, don’t disturb your phone while it’s resetting.  The phone will restart when it completes the reset process.

Now coming to the question, “What happens when you reset your phone,” there are a few things that the reset process does to your phone.

Personal data – Reset removes all of your personal data from the phone. It removes all the apps that you downloaded since you bought the phone.  It also removes all of your personal data, notes, contacts, etc.  Factory-installed apps also lose the preferences set by you and go into default mode.  Resetting removes all of your personal information and your phone is fit for sale.  In other words, the phone returns to its original factory settings after reset.

Phone Software –Reset doesn’t remove the phone software.  It also retains the recent software upgrades you may have downloaded for your phone.  Without this software, a phone cannot even on.

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