How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

You’re an android user and have just got a new set of android phone or a device.  It’s also powered with android but you’re wondering how to get your data from one device to the other.  In this age of technological advancement, it’s obvious that you’re not supposed to do any manual transfer.  So, let’s see what the different ways are to transfer your important data from one android device to another.  Most importantly, how to transfer contacts from android to android?

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

You’ve just bought your new android device.  It’s exciting.  You are ready to enjoy your favorite apps and games from the android market.  The prospect of checking out apps that were not compatible with your last android device excites you.  They might now be available for you to use on this new and advanced android.

But soon all this excitement fades away as you try to transfer your data from your previous android to your new one.  Transferring your contact list from one android device to another is just a click away.  All you need is a third party program or a simple Google or Gmail account.  If you don’t have a Google or a Gmail account then you must have one.  It will be necessary to get most out of your android device anyway.  As soon as you sign in to your Google or Gmail account, it will ask you for synchronization.

Else, you can go to settings, and then “Accounts and Sync.” Enable the Accounts and syncing service by taping on it.  Now your contact list along with your data at your device is synced with your Google or Gmail account.  Now when you log in to your Google or Gmail account in any other android device, it will ask you if you want synchronization.  You can transfer all your data and contacts to your new device with one click.

Today, most people already have a Google account.  When you turn on your android phone or any other device for the first time, your phone syncs your contacts along with all of your data automatically.  All you need is to sign in to your Google account from your android device.

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Since transferring a large bulk of data may consume time for some, there are many third party programs that you may use to transfer contacts.  They advertise that they allow you to choose which data you may want to transfer.  For example, you may choose to transfer only your contacts and not the other data like photos, call logs, messages, etc. available on your previous android phone or device.  This saves time.  Thus, you get rid of the old data and settings that you don’t want on your new device.

I hope that now you’ll be able to transfer all your contacts and your desired data without a hitch. Now that you are about to handover your old phone to other user make sure to reset your phone before handing over

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