How to Speed up Windows 10

There are many reasons your windows may performing as per your Expectations. It may Due to low Storage low RAM or anything else. Here, We have got The Ultimate Guide how to Speedup Windows 10 Operating System Without any Third Party Software.

1.Change Power Plan Settings

Change windows Power plan Settings, Windows by default Setting might be on balance But if your feeling that your PC is not performing up to expectation then change your PC Power plan to  High Performance.

How To Change Windows Power plan for High Performance

open control panel and click on power options.

Click on High Performance.

2.Disable Startup Programs

There are many programs which start just after your windows finish booting. This programs run in the background and eventually makes your computer Slow. Disabling this program will help your PC to load Faster and will also Save your RAM and improve performance. There are some useful Software which you probably don’t want to  Disable on startup, So watch out what you Disabling.

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Open task manager and click on Startup now click on and Disable all unWanted Programs Which Runs on Startup

3.Clean registry of your PC

The registry is a huge database which contains thousands of keys from Applications. Windows Registry contains data from application about their setting and configuration. The bad part is after you uninstall the application those registry keys stay in your computer. Cleaning registry deletes those unwanted keys and results in better performance and speedup of your computer.

How To Clean Windows Registry Entries

To clean Registry Entries we have to use a Third party Software Auslogics registry clean

Download and install this freeware, open it and click on Scan and repair


4.Clean Temporary files and junks

Clean temporary files from computer, you may not even realize over the period of time your operating system may have created tons of Temporary and junk files these junk files Slow Down your computerThis temporary files and junks have a noticeable effect on your computer and increase Speed of Windows 10 Operating System. Cleaning Temporary files will free up lots of space on your PC and it will also improve speed and performance.

How To remove temporary files and Junk from Computer

Open File Explorer and right click on C drive. (drive on which windows operating system is installed).

Click on Disk Clean and Select everything in the dialogue box and hit OK.

There is few more method you can clean Temporary files and junk from the computer.

5.Kill Windows appearance and animations

It’s time to make some serious choice, Weather you want your computer for performance or for the windows Sexy look. Windows have amazing animations on their user interference but this animation and style eat up Lot of resources. If you want rocking performance from your computer this may help.

How To Change Appearance in Performance Options Dialog

To change Appearance open file Explore and right click on THIS PC.

Now Click on properties.

now select Advance System Settings and click on advance> click on under Settings under performance > Select Adjust for best performance and hit apply.

Speed up windows 10 1 Now open Settings >personalization>Colors >Disable transparency.

6.Turn Of Search Indexing On Windows

 Windows 10 creates an index of all your files and folder present on your computer which helps to produce an efficient search result for Cortana  Windows Search. While this feature helps in searching particular files and folder, but at the same time this also uses lots of resources from your computer. Disabling this feature can create a space on computer as well reduce the burden on resources available on the computer and helping the computer to Speedup a bit.

How To Disable Search Indexing On Windows

Open Task Manager and click on services > open Services.

Now Search for Windows Search and Disable the Search and Indexing Services by double-clicking on Windows Search.

After you Done with Disabling, Open-File Explorer and Right click On C drive and open Properties and untick Indexing.

7.Launch Windows Troubleshooter

Windows 10 comes With System Maintenance. Windows user can start system maintenance to scan programs to and fix them. This program will help you to identify Programs Which are misbehaving and Will try to fix them resulting in better performance.

How To launch Windows Maintenance

Open Control panel and click on Security and maintenance. Now Click on TroubleShooting and click on run maintenance task.


Now click on Next and choose administrative Service and click next


8.No Apps in Background

Windows 10 comes with few pre-installed apps Which Run in Background, If you want to boost your Windows Performance you should consider Disabling this app in the background. Disabling This app can free up some of your computer Resources and may increase your Performance of windows 10.

How To Disable Apps Running In Background

Press Windows key + I and Click on privacy select background apps.


9. Prevent One drive to Sync Files and folder on cloud.

This is not recommended if you use your computer to do some Serious Busines work or if you use OneDrive on Daily. But If you don’t use one drive on your computer there is no reason to keep that program running in the background. Just uninstall Onedrive from your computer. This will Reduce the burden on System Resources.

How to stop Prevent Onedrive Services.

To prevent One drive Services Press Windows key +R type ‘gpedit.msc’ and click run.

Under Computer configuration click on Administrative Templates and then Click on  All Settings.

Search Prevent uses of one drive for file storage Double-click and now click on Enable.

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