How To Dual Boot Ubuntu and windows

Windows and Ubuntu are both great operating system. Both operating systems have advantages and disadvantages over each other. But having both the operating system install on your PC is great, isn’t? 

To install both the operating system on one PC you need to Dual boot your PC. Dual booting yours PC is extremely Easy, So lets dual boot Ubuntu and windows on PC

Things we need for dual boot Ubuntu and windows

1.Ubuntu operating system ISO image file.

2. Minimum 4GB pen drive.

3.Rufus(to make pen drive bootable ).

First, we need to make bootable pen drive using Rufus.
Second, We Need to create empty Space on the Hard drive to install Ubuntu Operating System.

How to dual boot Ubuntu and window or any other operating system.

1.First, to install Ubuntu alongside Ubuntu we need to create an unallocated space on our hard drive. To create an unallocated Space Follow the post How to create Unallocated Space.

2.Since now we have created bootable pen drive and unallocated space on our hard drive now it’s time to install Ubuntu operating system.

3.Insert the bootable pen drive and load bootloader and choose boot from pen drive. On next screen choose to install Ubuntu. Now adjust date and time and choose next or install

4.On this screen their is window you will get 3 options first to install Ubuntu along side with window 10.second to delete window 10 and install Ubuntu and third is something else. First one may not appear in all the cases so here i am going to show how to install using third option that is something else.

5.Now choose something else and click on install .Now on this screen you have to identify the free space you have created on windows.

Ubuntu operating require swap memory and the actually storage so first we need to create a swap memory. Swap memory should be equal to the amount of physical RAM install on PC. so lets create swap memory for our Ubuntu operating system.

6.Choose the free space which we have created on Windows and click on + sign at the left bottom corner.

7.Now Enter the size equals to the amount of Physical RAM install on PC and click on okay. Now you will see that their is a separate partition which is Ubuntu swap area.

8.Now again choose choose free space and click on plus. This time we have to choose our size of Ubuntu Desktop.

9.On this screen we need to choose size of the Ubuntu desktop ,use space as and mount point.

So once you have decided the Ubuntu desktop size Use it as EXT3 or EXT4 and on mount point as /.

Click on ok and click install that’s it the installation of operating will start.

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