How To Create Empty Space On hard Drive for Linux partition

Need to Create Empty Space On hard Drive you can do it by using third party software or by using Windows Disk management Tool Which comes built-in in every Windows operating system. So why to use any third party software if windows have built-in tool for the same work.

Empty space on your computer hard drive can also be created Using a Third party software or you can create empty space using disk manager.

How To Create Empty Space On hard Drive.

To create Empty Space on a hard drive on windows we need to first open Computer management.

Windows 10: Move your mouse cursor to  Windows Start icon and right click. Then click on Computer Management.

Windows 7: Move your mouse courser to My computer Right click >and Computer Management. 

After you have open Computer managementOpen Disk Management. You may find this Under Storage Section.

 After you have Successfully opened Disk Management. Select the Disk you want to Shrink. (In order to Create Empty Space On hard Drive You Have to Shrink one of yours Existing Partition).

Now Right click on the disk and Click in Shrink.


Now Here you have to Enter the amount of space you Want to shrink i.e Size of empty space.

Next, Click on Shrink and within the second you will have Empty space on your Hard drive on which you can install any operating system, Antivirus or BIOS update file.

We can  Create Empty Space On hard Drive by using third party software like MiniTool Partition Wizard, IM-Magic Partition. but that may unnecessary fill up your storage.

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