How to make bootable USB flash drive

This post is about making your flash drive/pen drive bootable. This post will cover making flash drive using ISO file,CD drive or just using windows file . How to make pen drive bootable using ISO file ? Making bootable using ISO file is very simple what you need is a simple tool Rufus  to make pen drive bootable.   1.First choose the […]

How To Create Restore Point In Windows

Windows operating system comes with many features. One of its important features is an ability to restore Itself in case system crashes. This feature of Windows operating system allows the user to restore their computer to the previous configuration if the system corrupts after installation of any software or by any means. Windows operating System creates restore point in Windows time […]

How to Speed up Windows 10

There are many reasons your windows may performing as per your Expectations. It may Due to low Storage low RAM or anything else. Here, We have got The Ultimate Guide how to Speedup Windows 10 Operating System Without any Third Party Software. 1.Change Power Plan Settings Change windows Power plan Settings, Windows by default Setting might be on balance But if your […]

UNIX Domain Sockets Datagram

Hello friends! I am here in Internet land to talk to you about my adventures with UNIX domain sockets. I’m designing a collection of separate programs that all need to communicate. The communication has to be multiclient, single server, and easy to implement. In this case, a datagram is the preferred mode due to it’s tiny connectionless nature. UDP seems […]

Macbook Dye Project

There are some examples of previous projects here that inspired this work: The project follows in the footsteps of the iBook RIT dye procedure, but with a sandpaper-based twist. Caveats: The MacBook’s polycarbonate lid, bottom case, clutch cover and fan vent cover are all sealed with a strong gloss layer. That means that unlike the iBook, the plastic […]