Macbook Dye Project

There are some examples of previous projects here that inspired this work: The project follows in the footsteps of the iBook RIT dye procedure, but with a sandpaper-based twist. Caveats: The MacBook’s polycarbonate lid, bottom case, clutch cover and fan vent cover are all sealed with a strong gloss layer. That means that unlike the iBook, the plastic […]

What happens when you reset your phone?

You need to know what happens when you reset your phone to be safe before you sell your phone to anyone. Every year, top brands in smart phone industry launch new phone iterations with latest technology and innovative features.  For some businesses, upgrading phones becomes a necessity to keep pace with the growing technology.  But, before giving your phone to […]

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

You’re an android user and have just got a new set of android phone or a device.  It’s also powered with android but you’re wondering how to get your data from one device to the other.  In this age of technological advancement, it’s obvious that you’re not supposed to do any manual transfer.  So, let’s see what the different ways […]